Unser Gästebuch 

Über ein kleines Feedback über Ihrer Zufriedenheit als neuer Besitzer eins meiner Kitten oder über Ihrer Erfahrung nach einem Besuch bei uns würde ich mich sehr freuen. 


Xueting Li
28.12.2021 16:51:25
I'm happily writing a review here for Mousse (previous name: Ayden) and Verena's cattery. He is everything a perfect kitten is: friendly to people, friendly to cats, loves cuddling, a lap cat, plays a lot but in a gentle way, NEVER uses his claws on you and NEVER bites, loves being picked up and held, loves belly rubs, and uses the cat litter box like a pro after a few days adjustment. This is better than I expected from any kitten and I am so happy that I got him. Verena is very helpful, supportive and informative throughout the whole process. You can see how much work she put in the kitten to socialise them. After visiting several catteries and meeting many kittens, for me this is the #1 place to get a perfect Siberian cat.
Dear Xueting, thank you very much for your great feedback. I am glad that Ayden has found such a great home with you and Mochi and her happy together since. I wish you 3 all the best